a letter to me at age 10, from me at age 26

dearest philters,

i know that life seems really glum at the moment. it is difficult for you to make friends. you think that everyone is fun except you. people think that you are freaky and weird.

i am you. i come for the future. and this is what i have to say to you.

everything is going to be alright:)

don’t worry about being cool. don’t worry about fitting in. you are beautiful. and you are special. you definately are different – but this is something you are going to grow to love about yourself. don’t worry about everyone not wanting to be your friend – real friends (and i promise you that you will have them) are those who are by your side when things get tough and will accept you just the way you are.

no matter what people say, you are not a boring person. in fact, some day, you’re going to get a job that will take you places that other people can only dream about going. you will learn about wonderful cultures. and meet interesting people. and do your bit for the community… in style, girl!

be nice to people, regardless of how they treat you. be humble, because i’m tell you kid, you’re going to get more limelight then you’d like as you get older. be strong at heart, because some people are going to be mean to you, but remember that that’s the way of the world and it is not your fault. don’t be mean to people as they were to you. you will grow to have passion, but never forget these days, when everyday is like every other day.

you are going to cry, yes. but not all of it will be tears of sadness.

be nice to mom and get to know dad. you’re going to like his brand of music.

keep reading. ignore cikgu jefry who said that it will spoil your eyes. literature and the way of the words is going to be your thing (you knew that all along!) and thick framed specs are going to be the in thing someday (trust me!).

i know you are going to anyway, but layered haircuts will always look disasterous on you.

so chin up, dear. be brave. so you’re freaky and you’re weird. you are true to yourself and that is the most important thing i need you to be, always.

you’re going to be okay:)

loving you,


4 thoughts on “a letter to me at age 10, from me at age 26

  1. “you are going to cry, yes. but not all of it will be tears of sadness”

    Just a random blog visitor who came by ur blog and found this meaningful phrase. It’s so true.


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