heigh-ho, the pirate’s life for me!

erk… not really, but i thought since i was meeting a pirate captain, it would be an appropriate song to sing… heheh… i’m just kicking myself about now that i did not get a picture with the man himself.

i am on kapas island, with waters infested with jellyfish! mak oi, i was practically diving into hundreds and hundreds of them, all with long ribbons behind them. i tell you, every one of us kena sting by them. and then there are the ribbons yang putus from the jellyfish umbrella itself when we struggled against them… they were poisonous too. gosh, when we were in the water we were covered with jellyfish. when we were out of the water pulak we were covered with calamine lotion because of the stings. funny wei.

of course, the usual remedy for jellyfish sting is urine. i have to tell you however, that it’s a little difficult to go when you are in a wetsuit. i kena sting kat kaki in the area between my heel and ankle because i wore fins without booties. i kena when i was descending and did not want to surface up again because there was current on the surface and it was already hard to descend that day, so i just stayed down. gatai la! i wanted to scratch it all the time but it was difficult even to do that because of the fin straps and all. i was one of the lucky ones. ada some people yang kena at the hand, at the neck… even some who wore the full dive suit with gloves and cap got kena at the face.

baby green turtles. a little more feisty than those at satang island, because they are bigger, i think. while datuk minister released 49 of them in conjunction with merdeka, i released this little guy… yang selebihnya…

the 100plus can is there just so for size comparison. really. i saw my green turtle crawl over the sand… smart fellow, this one, because while some other turtles sesat in different directions, this one went straight for the water… got beached by the waves a coupla times, but kept crawling anyway… he eventually made it… and swam albeit clumsily through the surface, before disappearing underwater. i followed him out for awhile… alas, i had to be contented to just stand at the shallow water, and hope he braves his way through the big wide world alone…

*sniff!*… they grow up so fast…


One thought on “heigh-ho, the pirate’s life for me!

  1. hi,,,hooo hoo hoo,,,,,,the pirate himself here !!!!! yes you indeed have a pic of the pirate king. bila nak post it to the man himself ?

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