this is why you don’t give too many mirrors to a person who is overly self conscious and prone to freaking out.

i am finally at a premise with not one, but three full length mirrors in my (check it out!) – walk in closet. langkawi. sand. sea. sun. ah, the simple life of the humble travel writer. anyway, i was busing myself, preparing to do the whole diva by the beach when i saw how my shoulders look like in the mirror.

oh. dear. god.

sorry, no photos:)

i have a large ovalish purple bruise on each shoulder, obviously the result of carrying my camera bag and/or the single strap sling back last weekend and/or my 20 liter backpack, around. i was just stunned. i know my shoulders have been hurting for some time, but i thought it was just a normal sore that anyone would get after having carrying weights for a prolonged period of time. tapi…!!!

i rubbed on those deep heating creams. the thing about those creams is that after applying them on, you actually have to blanket the areas so that the cream takes effect. the trick is, the thicker the better. dah la want to apply it on shoulders was a somersault act in its own right, and then what? i threw a blanket over my shoulders and sat watching tv. my pre-planned midnight walk by the beach pun tak jadi. tak comfortable langsung.

i plastered on those medicated patches on before i went to sleep last night. i felt good for awhile, until the heaty stuff ran out in about two hours and then it just felt sticky. dear god, pulling the patches off was just sheer hell. i had four patches on and thought i’d just rip those babies off but then it was ultimately agonising. then i peeled the second one off as gently as i could but it was not any less painful. it was just sheer hell this morning.

i am off to a complimentary spa now. the little pleasures of the very humble travel writer. i am going to ask the people there to show the poor shoulders some TLC. it does not mean that the camera will not be resting on the shoulders yet again right after lunch today. oh well.


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