the cruel one

everytime i recall the phrase ‘cruel to be kind,’ i think of mira. that’s what she used to say about animals. i don’t know anyone who has such passion for all creatures like mira does. a lot of times, nonetheless, you need to do something that might appear cruel to them and often even to us, to the animal that might really not know better. but it has to be done. it is cruel. but it is the kindest thing one can do.

in a relationship that has turned from depressing to damaging, someone just has to be the cruel one to avoid it from just turning ugly. like a path of destruction on a domino spree, you got to take out one buiding to save the rest. from every point of view, it is cruel.

from every point of view hatred towards the one is deserving and justified.

but it has to be done. one is cornered. one has no choice. one is just trying to save both from this chain of destruction.

i’m sorry.

i want you to know that it hurt me too.


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