puteri gunung ledang, the musical

confession: i did not watch the movie.

*ducks to avoid flying selipar jepun*

and the reason i actually went to the musical is because someone gave me free tickets and i needed to write a review for work.

*covers face in response to hackles*

of course, i needed to go home to change before the event because it was a formal affair and some big guns were going to be there. i event contemplated not going at the very last minute because it was raining.

but you know what, i did, in the end, and i’d say, for a malaysian made musical, it was pretty darn awesome.

i admit, i have not been hanging around istana budaya or klpac as often as i’d like lately, but this show’s pretty impressive. i loved the vocals. i thought the choreography was just okay, but the vocals were just spectacular.

tiara jacquelina (gusti putri), stephan-rahman hughes (hang tuah), ac mizal (gusti adipati) have fantastic, strong voices. adlin aman ramlie (sultan mahmud) did not have as powerful a voice but delivered a comical performance, especially after the intermission.

i, because i gave my rsvp rather late, was given a seat at a corner the second last row, second tier. i got a sideways view of the presentation, but you know, i really ain’t complaining. it really was a worth while performance.

the musical was performed in classic malay, but no worries, there’s english subtitles. don’t let this be a turn off, though. most of what the performers are trying to say is decipherable through actions too, so that’s pretty good.

the musical is running now until the 26th. me gives it two thumbs up. go for it.


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