i believe in love, i believe in us, but there are days when it’s not enough. -bo bice-

here’s what’s now playing in my car, in my office and on the stereo in my room right this moment!

omg, you are much an american idol groupie!

well, at least just for the fourth season’s runner up:)

i remember being on a trip to johor. that was why i missed the final’s result show. and i remember just grabbing some malay newspaper after coming out of an ostrich farm in kota tinggi because i saw carrie underwood on the tv listings.

she won. she had more votes that bo. what is the world coming to?

i remember trying to convince the other people on the trip how completely and obnoxiously unfair the results were. half of them did not watch that season’s idols. the other half thought carrie was cuter. none of them were rock and roll fans.

but bo had such talent!!!

just goes to show, really. reality series are a big popularity contest.

anyway, i saw this cd, the very last one on the shelf, i tell you, just two days ago and i almost screamed. right next was a rack full of carrie’s album. nyah nyah nyah!!!

back to business, the album showcases his own work with collaborations with rock greats including kara dioguardi, marti frederiksen, jon bon jovi and richie sambora, ben moody and max martin. how much cooler can a rock get, man?

granted, some songs in the album may rub the pop rock genre a little uncomfortably, but most of the songs are immensely enjoyable. i love ‘the real thing’ which is very warped 80s rock. i like ‘its my life’ and ‘willing to try.’ i’m already searching for guitar tabs for most of the other songs on the album. and get this! like all great rock albums, the very last track, ‘valley of angels,’ is a mellow, soulful song, written by bo himself with clif magness.

it is unfortunate that my passion for vintage rock is shared by few friends. too many people mistaken the vintage rock genre for metal or heavy rock. i’m talking acoustics, not electric, dammit!

those coming into my car for the next few weeks are fairly warned. it’s bo mania in there! ha!

valley of angels
by bo bice

i’ve been down and done nothing at all
and sometimes i feel i’ve grown
never try to let it show
but i’m not alone
if you sing this song
i’ll take you there
if you don’t care

go into the valley of angels
to swim in that deep blue sea
surrounded by your faith and your glory
its were i find my peace
true peace
in the valley of angels

heard so many stories,
thought they were lies
i know that i have quit before i even tried
i stood up one day and found my self
but i’m not alone
if you sing this song
i’ll take you there
if you don’t care
come with me

all you ever dream to see
you can’t touch you don’t believe
fly in here on angels wings


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