hey, you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? There’s a frood who really knows where his towel is. -h2g2-

there are several types of writers in the world who should be hanged by their keyboard cables. there are the disaster-prone shot-in-the-dark writers with absolutely no sense of direction. there are the straight-down-the-line textbook structured writers with no room for forsaken imagination. there are also writers who write just for the heck of filling a page with words, which usually don’t make much sense even at the sentence level.

then we have writers like mimi, who tries very, very hard to inject as much wit as possible in her content starved essays, finishing with what feels like a mushed up concoction of all of the above.

i’m not saying that i’m a very brilliant writer myself. i believe i have a reasonable mastery of the language. as a self-aware writer, i believe that my strength is also my weakness. i am a livewire. i am experimental in my essays that i tend to respond rather poorly to criticism from people who i feel are not intellectually exciting.

i hold linguistic aesteticism highly and i only appreciate essays that have profound sense of style without being too airheaded in content. this should not be mistaken with essays with mega flowery language and descriptions of sceneries that seem to go on till kingdom come.

i guess what i’m saying is i like quality work and i expect such standards of myself and of others. i feel that other writers in this here company have a pretty good grip over their writing abilities. i would even say that they do have that pizzazz.

all except mimi.

you know, it is one thing about not having any zing for the trait. but it is a whole ‘nother story when you try to tell others who they should write their already beautifully sculptured pieces. and it is one thing to be stuck with crap assignments with a million blunt angles to figure out. it is a whole ‘nother thing to pick only the best ones for yourself and force the leftovers down other people’s throats.

… and ma’am, having that attitude so does not help.


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