It gives me a headache just trying to think down to your level. -marvin, the paranoid android-

i saw an accident on the way to work this morning. not like it happened smack in front of me. more like the aftermath. it was quite graphic tho.

it happened on the way to the lpd highway heading to the puchong entrance from sunway. three cars are pulled up on the right side of the road [because the left lane had a number of junctions, so i guess this choice pissed off less people]. all cars had either their bonnets, boots or both dented in. the car drivers [all men] looked more pist that ruffed up.

i think the incident has just happened. the three men looked like they’ve just finished clobbering each other and are on their handphones probably calling their wives/ girlfriends/ mothers/ lawyers/ tow truck agents/ etc.

in the middle lane [it is a three laned highway] were a pool of debris consisting of bits of glass, a mirror and bits of car parts. i think it was a pretty rough accident.

… which did not go without casualties.

sprawled lifeless in the pool of debris was the accident victim, which cars slowed down to kay poh pay respects. there was not much blood, so i think it was a blunt-object-to-the-head sorta collision.

two motorcycles stopped at the left lane, walked over to the victim and tried to divert traffic away from the body [which substantially eased the traffic buildup].

here’s what i think happened. a car [probably speeding], tried to avoid the victim by making a hard right. but there was heavy traffic on that lane, so he floors his brakes instead. the car behind him [also probably speeding] does not brake in time and crashes into the first car. the car behind the second car does the same. somewhere in between all this commotion, the poor victim lands underneath of one of the cars.

all three cars move over to the right lane and start bitching at each other. the victim is left in the middle of the road.

say a prayer for the cat. amen.


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