strumming ballads on the dusty old guitar again. you can give me guitar picks for christmas because i seem to have lost all of mine over the months.

going through some dispirited days and some remarkably difficult nights. a lot of things in life are passionately disheartening at the moment and i am desperate to either go into a mode of deep hibernation so i don’t have to face these dark days and hopefully wake up when all these things no longer matters, or for everything that needs to happen to happen here, now and all at the same time, so that i can face it all at one go, be shattered with just one blow, and have this whole period of pain over with.

if you who know me are reading this, no i don’t want to talk about it. i don’t want your hug and i don’t want your money. smile back at me if i smile.

i heard this performed unplugged on some mtv award programme over the weekend. i knew my life would not be complete my if fingers never strummed this song.

ever the same
-rob thomas-

Well, we were drug from the wheels,
A – G
we were brave like soldiers.
Bm – A – D
falling down under the pale moonlight

A – G
You were holding me like a song unbroken,
Bm – A – G
and I couldn’t tell you but I’m telling you now

Bm – A – G
Just let me hold you while you’re falling apart
Bm – A – D
Just let me hold you and we’ll both fall down

Fall on me,
Bm – G
tell me everything you want me to be
Forever with you
Forever in me
Ever the Same

chords from ultimateguitar


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