just came back from another nature adventure. having previous experiences in lowland forests, this is my first trip to a highland jungle.

the thing about highland forests is that the trees are not so tall, not so dense and very beautiful. because they look very old and wise and all that jazz. the air is thinner and cooler in highland jungles so trekkers ge easily exhausted. grass is replaced by moss which can be found everywhere in highland jungles. on trees. on rocks. on the ground. highland forests, especially the ones in our country is usually very damp, due to our high level of humidity.

plus, its the monsoon season now. lots of pain. lots and lots and lots of mud.

i learnt that where highland jungles are concerned, a heavy jacket is usually not recommended. the coolness is caused by the wind. therefore, a light, waterproof windbreaker is sufficient and more importantly, very practical for trekking.

did i mention that there was moss and mud everywhere? walking in this particular jungle at this particular time of year is literarily beng ankle deep in mud throughout the whole hike. holding on to branches does not help because it is mossy and slippery.

in short, i had a rather dirt-y experience.

i know that i am making highland jungles look very gross, but truthfully, it is very beautiful, far more beautiful than most lowlands jungles that i have been. a big plus point is that there was no pacat! in fact, aside from birds and the ocassional self indulged insect, there were no other animals in the forest at all. the forest was old and wise and beautiful.

sorry, no pictures of the jungle.


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