will be out of town for the rest of the week. how i wish it would be on a jet plane. i got a buruk bus instead. *shudder!*

finally getting my big ass camera has been the most exciting and frustrating experience in recent months. on one hand, i am totally having a blast with all the different lenses and learning to control apperture and shutter speed and all. though my progress is depressingly slow for my own liking, i am always happy to see my pictures in the magazine now and then.

tapi the camera, with all the gadgets and all weighs a tonne. okay, not a tonne. but well over five kilos and a little shy of ten. somewhere around there. hey, five kilos something is a pretty darn heavy weight to be lugging about when you are on a jungle trail, okay? i swear, everytime i carry that camera bag, i get shorter and shorter. i love photography to bits but my shoulders ache like mad.

and it is getting hard to pack, with the chargers and wires and all. i usually travel backpacker style and the cam is taking up lots of space. berat pulak tu.

i’m packing for a trip tomorrow and i already dread how chunky my bag has become. a year on the road had taught me the tricks in the trade of packing only what is necessary. everything they say about travelling light, however, goes right outside your windw when you are… or aspiring to be a photographer.

have added salonpas muscle pain plaster patches in my travelling kit. for my poor shoulders. camera punya pasal.

been feeling very worn out lately. finding it very hard to fall asleep at nights, and insanely difficult to wake up in the mornings. am losing my muse and starting to get massive headaches especially in the evenings.

mood swings are awful too. i’m trying vey hard not to get so upset over trivial things, which incidentally just enjoys popping up at te most inconvenient of times. wyn hates my mood swings, which i mask rather poorly as pms. he is a very patient man and i love his unbelievably enduring sense of tolerance for my relentless whining.

i will be outstation until the weekend. am rather hoping that the trip will be able to clear my head much. was at puduraya this morning to pick up my bus tickets. caught sight of the one and only bus that goes to my destination. it ain’t pretty. a collegue rather happily mentioned that if i was lucky, i would get the one that has a working air con. and the bus would not be filled with banglas. and that there won’t we any landslides on the way.

the trip is sounding like a barrel of laughter already.


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