something moved me to not quite review, but post a little something about a&w root beer. weird!

one thing wyn and i have in common is that we both think a&w rocks. i have absolutely no idea what the ‘a’ or ‘w’ stand for. i know that they are names. seen it on the walls of one of their outlets some time ago but never paid enough attention to remember. can’t be bothered to google it up right about now.

i personally think that a&w has the best fried chicken of all the fast food outlets. beyond ayam mc-chrispy. beyond kfc. don’t have a photo of it because i only thought of whipping out my camera after i finished eating. got pics of bones. don’t want to post it.

i am a great fan of their root beer. just the plain ol’ root beer, thanks. float… well, once in awhile… but the root beer on its own rocks.

omg, i sound so retro. all that’s missing now are the skates!

love the root beer glasses. i think that the way to down a root beer is straight off the glass and have the froth stick to my upper lip, just below my nose. but no one does that anymore. shame on the straw.

mmm… root beer.


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