there is only one happiness in life; to love and to be loved. -george sand-

if i appear phazed and lost over the next few days, that is because i am.

i never realised this before, but you have always been the stronger one. i see it now. you have always been strong enough to pull both of us through.

i am so proud of you.

my sail is against the winds now. and the storm is heading my way.

i have never been more afraid.

you are my best friend. much more than that. you came into my world and saved my life. and as time reveals all the challenges that i needed to face, you were right there beside me. things got difficult. and i cried a lot. but you never left me.

people tell me that i could pick any guy if i wanted to. that lots of them are nice people. that lots of them can make me happy. i don’t disagree. lots of them can make me happy.

but i choose you. and only you.

because you make me feel safe. you make me feel complete. knowing you love me too makes me feel good about myself. i came to realise that i am worthy. and i am capable. it is a happiness that i reap from within myself.

and it was you who made me realise this.

i am inspired by you.

i can be strong. i can show the whole world that this girl can do anything. can face anyone. can go anywhere. i can laugh. i can joke. i can be the greatest cynic on this planet.

but i can’t be strong all the time. sometimes, i get tired too. i get scared too. i get lonely too.

and for all those times, you were there. and when i am with you, i know that i am safe. that someone is caring and loving me. and no one can harm me. no one can scream at me. no one can call me names. hit me. make me feel small. and treat me badly.

i am safe.

and what is more important, so is my heart.

and i am recharged. and i can face the world again. because i know that no matter what the world throws at me, my heart will be safe. the world can break me. but they can’t break my heart. because it belongs to you.

that is my strength.

and i am invincible.

and as long as you are there for me, i am the strongest girl in the world. i can face anything. because no matter what, i will be all right. the world can smear me and shatter me to pieces. but they can’t touch me heart.

it was you that i saw among the broken corals when it was dark and cold underwater. it was you that cheered me on when i was lost and tired in the jungles. i saw you in among stars as i drifted along deep waters and i could not see the riverbanks. i see you in the rising sun.

i’m so afraid now. more that i have ever been.

i love you.


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