It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. -Anton Szandor LaVey-

i was at aquaria yesterday for work. me and a colleague was standing at one end of the tunnel with a lady officer discussing about fish. there were a few other small boys there looking at fish. a man turns into the tunnel flocked with his sons. his sons were very young children, pointing at fish and asking their father questions.

daddy, there are all boys here. why aren’t there girls here?

because all girls taste like fish, boy. there are no girls here because girls taste like fish and there are already fish here.

and there was spite in his voice. and he said this dengan selamba je as the bunch walk right pass us.

what am i? a duck?

i swear, i was so stunned, all i could do was stare after him with my mouth wide open. the officer was even more furious than i was. this is what he is teaching his children. children who go on to repeat what he says to them. children whom he is responsible for conditioning, especially at that tender age. and he goes and tell them that girls taste like fish? he’s so lucky that he has children around him and that i was actually on a job at that moment or something rather unsightly would have happened.

ada ke, he says girls taste like fish. i just can’t get over it. god knows what else he’s telling the kids and the kids, who so obviously look up to their father, well… i feel so sorry for them. really.


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