Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. – albert einstein

my car kena hantam from the back. i got a broken screen and a bashed in bonet. you might not see it from the pic, but the bumper is also mashed in and scrapes against the back tyres and i have that something trailing out of the bumper or tailgate or something. lampu pecah. third break light rosak. wiper belakang bengkok.

i was not speeding. i did not suddenly brek. for heaven’s sake, my car was bloody stationary and i was waiting to turn at a completely legal u-turn.

and then here comes this motorcycle. his bike hits my car. the bike skids. the dude flies.

he gets up, talks a look at my car. he is bleeding on the left arm and sides pretty bad. a kancil stops behind me and two girls give that guy a yelling for being reckless. a taxi driver stops and talks to him. he hangs around.

i tell him that i am going to make a police report. he walks back to his bike and takes off.

what really bothers me is not that he langgar lari and all because i got his number plate. what pisses me off is that i am without a car for the next week or so. the incident happened just before raya and all the workshops are closed for the week so no work can be done. work can only start next week because that is when the insurance people can send their people and all.

i got work! my job is travelling. how the hell am i going to get to my assignments and press conferences now, hah? tumpang people? public transport? with all my equipment and all? for all i know, i could be shoved in the freezer for the next two weeks i.e. stuck in the office doing wheelchair work.

i need another ice blended java. could someone fetch me from my house?


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