I love deadlines. I especially love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. -douglas adams-

the nano month has begun so if i spend less time here, that’s because i am at my nano blog hoping to break at least the halfway mark before i get sent to any outstation assignments… which will probably be right after raya.

so far, my first chapter… well, partially the first chapter, i think, since i am winging a plotless essay, sounds more like chick lit than the serious depressive lunatic story i was planning for. i’m hoping to put more depressive elements in la, but whatever man. the first 998 words were written in under 20 minutes, so unless i get a writer’s block anytime during the write, i plan to reach close to 10k today.

yes, i’m at work on the day before raya.

me at the nano geeks meetup last week. picture by xmocha.

just for a few mundane updates on my life, my car was in an accident. it was hit from the back by this crazy motorcycle. and i wasn’t even speeding or brekking. the car was stationary and waiting to make a perfectly legal u-turn. i don’t want to talk about it here, but if anyone wants to console me with iced blended java, i’ll bring pictures of my smashed up car. oh, and someone will have to pick me up from the komuter station.

as an extension of the incident, my handphone proved to be patheticly unreliable at time of need. for some time now, it has been hanging on more and more rubber bands and the earpiece comes and goes as it likes. desperately inconvenient. so i have a new handphone now, which i will also be happy to show off when invitations for iced blended java comes.

its nano time.

(boy, that sounds lame!)

selamat hari raya and all that jazz!


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