a pair of rimless glasses. a snorkel mask. a pair of geeky specs. and a talking hamster called ‘jesper’.

my glasses snapped in two pieces yesterday morning. i was wiping it with my towel, when it snapped right there between my fingers in the towel.

i did not look at it immediately, because i was unable to comprehend the nature of the snap.

you see, it was not the frame that snapped. my fingers made out the outlines of two flat pieces that fell apart in my towel. to comprehend that my spectables lense were the ones that snap through itself is rather whacked… or isn’t it?

but that’s what happened. ten minutes before i needed to leave for work. dressed and all already.

i went to dad, who took out his gear and glued the lenses back together.

but you see, the average uhu glue would not have held the two pieces together. because of the delicate materials (i think its some kind of plastic or something), it took the sorta glue gun that sticks metal sheets together to confidently hold the the lenses together.

what emerged from dad’s laboratory half an hour later is a spectacle restored to its whole form, with a thick grey line down its left lense.

i had two hours to kill before the optical shop opened. so i decided to watch tv. my former glasses was still recovering from the glue gun treatment, so i had to resort to desperate measures.

i have a snorkel mask with corrective lenses.

because vision improves by 33 percent underwater, the lense power of my snorkel mask is about a hundred points lower than my spectacles. yea, i know that lines are a but blurry, but heck, it beats being half blind at a flickering screen.

so i watched tv using my snorkel mask.

ten thirty came, and off i went to see find an optical shop. i was counting on some sort of festive discount on a decent pair of specs. i swear, no more rimless frames. for now, at least.

in my ever continuing mission to make cool the geek fashion, i got a pair with thick black plastic frames. god forbid, its not one of those with large, round frames. it has, what i perceive to be a sleek design. conservative, yet cunning. geeky, but undeniably with character. set me back a rather pretty penny too.

yesterday’s been interesting. will blog later about a certain talking hamster.

*continued after meeting (yea, i’m at work on a saturday… sigh!)*

malaysian nano participants are challenged to add jesper as a cameo in their novels this year. seeing that i’m writing a psychotic novel about a depressive lunatic who hears voices in her head, i suppose a talking hamster can fit in.

it’d be interesting to see the fate of the rodent when the protagonist decides to go on a rampage to destroy the damn voices in her head…


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