I am one of those who never knows the direction of my journey until I have almost arrived. -Anna Louise Strong

i know more than a few people would kick me for saying this, but i need a holiday, badly… *ducks for cover* …

yea, i know that i travel for a living, and i get to go to new places and do touristy things every month, but they are all for work… i want to go somewhere not as a writer, but as a true holidaymaker… somewhere i don’t have to rush from place to place on a schedule, somewhere i can be as outrageous or laid back as i want to, somewhere i don’t have to come back and work on after the trip…

not that i don’t like it here, you readers know how much i adore malaysian nature and culture attractions… but since just about everywhere reminds me of work, heck, this country might as well be my office… i’d like to go somewhere out of this country. just for a few days.

i’m wondering where i could go on a minimalistic budget. say rm1k?

i’ve been to bangkok 3 times, so don’t suggest that. doing phuket, the andaman and southern thai sounds interesting, but if i go there, i’d definately dive and my travel buddy is a non-diver, so let’s not even go near there.

i’ve been to singapore. been to manila. been to bali.

travel buddy not interested in cambodia, myanmar, laos and nam.

so? camne?

we were thinking of going to china. and then a spree of hurricanes crashed there. to be fair, it did not hit all of china, but close enough.

today, i looked at the australian continent. the lonely planet is a most amazing website. i am particularly amazed by its collection of backpacking style accomodation suggestions. here’s the best part, there’s a function on the website that is able to quote hotel rates in ringgit!

i’ve spoken to scott and he did say that most backpackers in oz are pretty clean and decent. in my short trip to sydney a coupla years ago (no, i wasn’t at the sydney worlds or the melbourne australs *sniff!*), i found the food there to be a bit on the steep side, tho, as well as entrance tickets to places like dreamworld and movieworld. but there are plenty of places in sydney that does not need a ticket, right? or melbourne too, right? (help!)

vj told me that nz is backpacker friendly also (ps. we happen to be sorta high ended backpackers… we don’t do the whole shared bathroom thing… ew!). the problem is that the flight would kill us. heck, any destination in the pacific means a killer flight ticket, but i’m hoping to shave as much as possible where accomodation and entrance tickets are concerned.

will be meeting up with travel buddy for buka puasa tonight. suggestions much appreciated tho.


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