If it’s green, it’s biology, If it stinks, it’s chemistry, If it has numbers, it’s math, If it doesn’t work, it’s technology!

alas, my handphone is now held together by a single rubberband, soon to be joined by a second, right across the keypad. an important part of my life, practically an extended limb in its own right, crumbing into pieces before my very eyes.

i practically have to fish out pieces of it out of my pocket all the time. hence the rubber bands. for the second time this month, i have glued the whole thing together, crossing my fingers that it does not come apart again.

lets see what else in my life is broken…

just a few minutes ago, i received a suspiciously polite call regarding a huge project that they have dillusionally bidded for and won. no names mentioned, so some of you who think i am talking about you, please don’t perasan, i do have several engagements on my plate at the moment.

anyway, i feel it suspicious because the project has been underway for the past coupla months now and i, who have been left out of the proceedings for the past few months and who have rightfully assumed a position of non-existance, am urged to attend a meeting of their committee scheduled for the very near future. for the moment, i am anticipating the worse, they want something from me, or they are in some sort of rut and i need to go dig them out.

these thing, i don’t mind doing things, assuming they have a project that has a beneficial purpose. my own travel schedule (which is incidentally what my life revolves around at the moment) permitting, of course. i’m not saying that i am a pinball wizard when it comes to event management. but i do have a bit of experience that i am able to share. not that i am shouting out about it.

it’s the attitude that i can’t stand where it comes to this particular organisation. arrogant. cocky. over confident. big headed. everyone thinks that they are helluva great. from my last engagement with them, they still don’t have a single humble bone in their bodies. their crop of newbies, well, those that stick around long enough to meet me, are just as pointless.

its not like me, but i’m going defensive and non-commital to the meeting. i’ve been pushed aroud too many times by these people and i’m not about the be sucked into another agenda i can get hurt in.


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