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something must have been really strange in the air the last coupla days. its just been a ping pong battle of the so-called sane versus the so-called insane, the so-called reasonable versus the so-called unreasonable.

the problem really, with people accusing each other of things, is that someone always, and i mean always gets stuck in between, in the middle of all the commotion. whether it is countries heading on an economical collision course, or political ideologies coming to a clash, there will always be civilian causality. heck, even the wrath of nature crashing into one another renders unnecessary victims of circumstances.

the world is tuned in such a way, that forces do not appear singularly as an energy of its own. in the same light, people, or groups of people do not exist in isolation. neither do their scope of influence. intentional or unintentional.

today, i am that person caught in between.

i was afraid. and for a very real moment, i delved deep into that fear.

but i’m not afraid anymore.

i have an understanding with life in that sense. i understand that life is not out to get me and that the best of oppourtunities come in the hardest of packages.

i will not fear life. i will not be the victim of circumstances.

i shall instead be excited. like a child tackling a big present wrapped in many layers of foam and paper for the prize inside.

i will find my prize. this shall be one of those assignments i will be proud to complete.

to friends who have expressed concern, rest assured that i know you care. i ask for your trust. trust me. believe in me.

to the people in the office who stalk this blog (yes, i know you do), i bid you just one thing: watch me. not argue for me. not fight for me. not worry for me. not be angry at me.

just watch me.


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