i’ve not reviewed stuff in awhile. i think i’m losing the edge for these sorta stuff. oh well. i try:p

i got a hold of hot fuss from the killers and i personally think that there is only one… or two at the most, songs that are worth your listening ears on this album: mr. brightside and sombody told me – if that is your kinda thing.

the conclusion that i can make about the album is that it tried way too hard to emulate blink 128 and good charlotte, to the extend that the lyrics strain to fit into the beats and the lead singer’s vocals are nothing without being heavily synthesised. i detect no trace of their claims to be indie rock, nether do i find them a ver impressive rendition of alternative rock and roll.

the first book from the cronicles of narnia: the magician’s nephew by c.s.lewis. i bought this book out of sheer bordem from the foul weather when i was in ipoh. lin had fairly warned me that this is in actuality a children’s book. i agree. the language is likened most to enid blyton’s work. contrary to popular hype, however, i would put this book nearest to the blyton’s enchanted wood series instead of tolkien’s lord of the rings books.

but i’m saying this based just on one book. i’ve not read the other six yet.

all i can say is that it is a good starter book. i hear that the upcoming movie is going to be based on the second book: the witch, the lion and the wardrobe, so if anyone wants to borrow me that book, please email me or drop me a message at the end of this post. i’m not sure if they’ll include this first book in the movie. maybe they’ll just breeze through.

the book is about how the land of narnia is first formed. it introduces, in a nutshell, how the lion sang the land into existance, how the witch got there and why in heaven’s name, of all the different types of furniture there is on the blessed earth, a wardrobe becomes significant in this story. normal storyline of good versus evil, but more of a prelude, really, than anything else. good pace, not draggy, and witty… not not too much of it.

willy wonka on who would want a beard: Well, beatniks for one, folk singers and motorbike riders. Y’know. All those hip, jazzy, super cool, neat, keen, and groovy cats. It’s in the fridge, daddy-o! Are you hip to the jive? Can you dig what I’m layin’ down? I knew that you could. Slide me some skin, soul brother!

for something truly witty, there’s charlie and the chocolate factory. now tell me, which part of willy wanker wonka doesn’t remind you of wacko jacko? i tell you, the resemblance, intentional or not, is uncanny! they both have childhood issues, they both pry on little children and they both have a wonderland in their own backyards. so there!

but truly, johnny depp is on a roll. he is so suitable in this character, that i swear, the movie would have lost all the wit that roald dahl had caputured in his book, if not for johnny depp. of course, there are parts of the book that has been shamelessly altered, but it is not the sleezy sort of alteration that the book readers would not be able appreciate.

the movie is extremely funny, but again, it is for those who have a fairly good grasp of the english language. if your english is not quite there, you’re going to have a problem with some of the jokes, especially those which are politically incorrect. haha.

i have to go now. i have a date with a buncha orang asli tomorrow. laterz!


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