I am as frustrated with society as a pyromaniac in a petrified forest. -A. Whitney Brown-

it was raining when my alarm clock sprang to life this morning and i had all intentions to just stuff it and go back to sleep. but today, we needed to sort out our messed up calendar and i, being the events coolie, had to be in the office in time.

so i dragged my sorry ass out of my warm and toasty comforter and turned the water heater up to the max, then drove out of subang and into sunway. right after the puchong ldp toll, i hit a jam.

wtf? a jam? here? it never jams here. it jams further down and even over there, the traffic slows to a crawl, but it is never reduced to a stop and go sorta thing. a drive that usually took me ten minutes to get to the office, saw me sitting in that bloody jam for almost an hour, and it is just a fucking straight road.

the radio said that there was a three car crash or something near the golf club, but when as all the car paraded pass the area, takde pun. and so, i really don’t understand what caused the terrible jam.

i thought it was the haze. that was what caused the jam yesterday evening, and one of the reasons i choose to stay back until the traffic clears up. yea, the haze was quite bad over here yesterday. the rain this morning cleared the air up a little bit, but the weather report says that it’s going to be hot and hazy again by the afternoon.

and the new traffic light routine at the bukit jalil junction sucks! i don’t care if it is meant to ease traffic coming from sri petaling, it has resulted in an insane jam for traffic coming to and from kinrara and technology park. and you know what? it is not even working! traffic from sri petaling is just as bad as ever and now, you also have jams in the other two directions because of the fucked up traffic lights.

you know what would really make my morning tomorrow? thoughts of having to drive to work in the haze, through the jam of unknown cause and waiting for a most unreasonably timed traffic light to change colours.

and now i have to go and finish an article about a cave.


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