be as swift as the coursing river,with all the force of a great typhoon,and all the strength of a raging fire,mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

the thing about going caving is that one should not be claustrophobic or exceptionally afraid of the dark. i was at gua tempurung over the weekend to see the district organised eco-challenge and let me tell you, the final leg of an hour’s cave trail is spoo-ky!

the course starts with a jog, then cycling, the off road biking, then orienteering (navigating via compass) through a rubber estate, then riding rubber tubes down the rapids of sungai itik, then a very long trek uphill, then absailing down to the back entrance of gua tempurung, through the cave and out the other end and a sprint to the finish line. the whole trail is 60km. you flag off at 9am and need to complete the course by 3pm, yes, on the same day. along the way, there are the pre-determind obstacles you need to do such as catching catfish.

let me tell you this: the participants are super fit!!! i mean, they gotta be. imagine cycling for over 8km, and then balancing through the river rapids, after that having to jog for about two hours up a dirt terrain… and that’s just half the journey! of course, there were a number of them who did not complete the course, pancit because too tired.

would i be able to do the course?… i keep asking myself this as i watched the participants complete one obstacle after another. i’m not exactly in the fittest of state at the moment and i hardly have any time to do any sort of workout at all, unless you count having to walk to my car from the office twice on a daily basis… i eat plenty of junk and lots of sugars which hardly gets any oppourtunity to see the light of day again…

but compared to lots of other corporate slaves, i ain’t that bad either. tho i get bored and restless often enough, i don’t get tired easily. my stamina’s not too shabby and i can get hyper perky on sugar highs. dirt and sweat does not bother me, heck, the jungle loves me and constantly calls me back to it, i can ride a bicycle and i’m not claustrophobic.

so am i eco-challenge material?

i guess i’ll never know unless i actually sign up for one of these things, which i have a mind to in the future. i’ll finally have an excuse to get my ass off the chair and make time to jog and whatever else. i have seen people make it on tv and i have seen it up close for myself.

yea… interesting… now if i can only find the time in between my increasingly insane schedule…


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