The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense. -tom clancy-

case scenario number one, you get one which gets really psyched about and you jump straight into it and just go on and on and on without missing a single detail, staying up all night long if you have to. and of course, one is not enough. you revise it over and over again, improving yourself with every version.

sometimes, the it appears okay but then you take some time and play ideas around first until the muse just hits you and then you develop based on that one spark of inspiration. you experiment with different approaches and strategies until one flows properly. it might start off messy, but then you clean it up into one pretty neat package.

third case scenario, it does not come. it just does not come. you try and try, finally, you resort to desperate measures… you force yourself to fake it, to spit it out anyway. it ain’t genuine, but you hope that no one notices.

and number four, well, lets just sum it up by saying that it is like making love out of nothing at all…

that’s what the life of the writer is like:)

inspiration comes easier for some topic as compared to others. if i get something i really like, i don’t even bother to draft it out, i jump straight into the piece. but on days when i get topics that i am clueless or really care less about, i practically have to force ideas out or seriously goreng the story and hope that the editor does not think that i overdid it.



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