what was it like for juliet? to wake up and know that the one you love died before you? -crying out loud in the centre of the world-

his is lin’s fault.

i went to see one of the most amazing love stories yesterday.

when you die, does love die with you?

you can read all about in in her blog and on cinema online for the synopsis and all that jazz. and hey, if you can read japanese, ohio and welcome to my blog. here’s the website for this movie. the movie is highly recommended, and be prepared to bawl your eyes out.

but please, don’t over do it.

the lady who was sitting behind me in the movie was sobbing, ok?! sobbing giler as if the whole cast in the movie died a horrifyingly tragic death with the director and the movie producer sekali. she cried like she as trying to sink japan. when i saw her walk out of the cinema after the show, she was clutching a box of tissues, being consoled by her bunch of friends.


ok, so the movie will move you. it boasts incredible acting talents and a wonderful, sincere storyline. the composition of the movie is very effective, so is its use of rhetorical elements, use of music (love the soundtrack!) and slow scenes. a refreshing break from all the fancy computer graphic and high-tech cinematography. just goes to show that a good story does not need all that jazz.

but gorging your eyes out and announcing to the whole cinema about it? if you can haul a box of tissue in like that, that means you already have some idea of what the story is about, rite? means you have seen it before, rite? and ok, so you are moved by the amazing storyline and all la, i betcha more than half the cinema jerked a tear or two too, but sampai tersedu-sedu is just a tad over the edge ok!

and then there was this guy who was on the whole other end of the spectrum, completely feling-less. started yawning in the movie la, layan handphone la, got restless and moved around la… aiyoh, you mean you bought a ticket and did not know that you are walking into a soapbox fiesta is it?

and even if you don’t know (i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt tho you clearly don’t deserve it), aren’t you moved at all by any of the scenes in the movie? i mean, the woman just a few rows behind you was wailing and here you are adjusting your knees every five minutes and falling asleep? doesn’t the movie make you feel anything, or think anything at all?

what’s up la? one guy here is totally heartless and one woman is suspiciously faking it until melebih-lebih pulak. these, ladies and gentlemen, are the sort of people we get in our cinemas. one is attention deprived by choice and the other is just yelling out for one right on the kisser.

yea, yea, and there is nothing we can do about it.

but truly, i hope you have good, sane friends when you see this movie, might i suggest a dreamy date (i did;)) or a company where you don’t have to control macho for the whole two hours. despite the cinema crowd, i love the movie.

anyone knows where i can get the soundtrack?


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