One always overcompensates for disabilities. I’m thinking of having my entire body surgically removed. -d. adams

just a coupla weeks ago, i began my camera training.

there are really two ways to traing to use one of these monster slr babies. the easy way is to set it to auto and learn good composition before moving on to the techie stuff. the hard way is to jump straight into the deep end by messing with things like av (appature) and tv (shutter speed) and hope your composition won’t suck too much as you try to get you composition together.

i went for the hard way;)

i am happy to report that out of over 30 shots i took on my first round of training just a coupla days ago, i have one really fantastic shot, and i mean a really artistic one which is anything near the worth of a pro’s consideration.

and it was completely a fluke shot:p

i was brought to a truly kick ass camera shop this afternoon. i was looking for lense caps. but it was one of the most remarkable shops i have ever seen. it is not just any kind of average camera shop that you’d see at any shopping complex. the shop is located at plaza mutiara, in the dingiest part of kl. parking is easy.

but it was an incredible shop for camera equipment. there are every camera equipment imaginable there from tripods to rools and rools of photo backdrops to those plastic ring things around the camera lenses. it is amazing. a friend who took me there told me that the prices here are reasonable too. and i did not even know places like these exist! i mean, have you ever considered where people get their photo backdrops? those with really classy and funky designs and stuff?

i’m such a jakun. but i’m so amazed.

its like being introduced to a whole new faternity – a brotherhood that existed right next to us, but we never knew existed. and now as i take more and more steps into the photographic community, i feel like i am entering a whole new world of possibilities.

i feel so artsy now.


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