Not that anyone cares what I think, but the Restaurant is at the *other* end of the Universe. -marvin, h2g2 movie-

i went to the kl performing arts centre (klpac) for the first time yesterday. for those of you who have not been there, it’s in sentul. contrary to popular belief, driving there at 6pm did not see me caught in the insane kl traffic jam. this stretch was particularly clear. except if you come from jalan duta. like duh.

i went to watch the emerging artist showcase of the malaysian dance festival. the show simply reinstated what i have been secretly habouring for quite awhile now: i would love to do a show someday. not as a career, but just a show to call my own. not as a performer, mind you. i want to be the person who puts the show together; the performers, the music, the lights, the props…

my show would be a musical. something with not much, if any dialogue at all. but there will be poetry! i won’t have an orchestra. instead, i will have a band. i big, funky band with electric violins and all. i will have lights everywhere.

mine will be an adventure story. of a girl who sets out on a quest and all the people she meets along the way, the places she goes, the outer and inner demons she must battle.

people will come for the plot and all the wonderful scenes that play out. but what they will remember most is the ending. it will be a tragic ending. an ending where our heroine arrives at her destination covered in the scars of war only to discover there is nothing there. it could be that there was nothing there all along or whatever was there is gone and she’s too late. it shall be a frustrating ending, but one what is mixed and is finally overcome with the journey she took.

and then the ending shall take a twist. she will die. and then her spirit shall raise from her body, and continue the quest into the void. in my show, the audience will laugh and cry will the heroine and they will be sitting right at the edge of their seats as the show ends. and there would be no applause or ovation because the audience would be too dumbfounded by the end.


gimme a big fat budget and i’ll give you a show.


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