And like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn. -jean luc picard-

deers from sibu island. they are so tame, they’d eat out of your hands. of course, that means you’ll have deer drool on your hand while you’re at it. i also fed rabbits and ostriches. rabbits were quite difficult to feed because they’re really shy and bop off with every sudden movement. and ostriches have seriously dangerous beaks. i almost had my fingers snapped off at one or two points.

i’m still not quite over my distaste for intimate fauna contact, tho. oh for crying out loud, i’m not even close to halfway there. i reiterate that i love nature and i’m all for animal rights and all that jazz; i am against animals in captivity and experimentation and it pains me to see road kill; but i ain’t touching animals.

unless they are already food. even then i think i should be cutting down on meat.

i hear that i might be send to an animal research center in the jungle sometime soon for an assignment. yea, i’m so looking foward.


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