Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense. -Helen Rowland

all ye captain bligh and captain cook fans out there, i, have made contact with the legendary breadfruit tree! i saw this tree with fruit and all in my trip to desaru. of course, the fruit farm is out in the middle of nowhere, but is worth a daytrip, especially when the mangoes are in season.

here’s a tip if you do take the trip: lookout for the koi fish pond. its amazing!

and another tip: go for the fruit platter buffet!

and while you’re in the area, the ostrich farm is another interesting place to visit. i presonally thought that it would be another of those run down animal wreck in desperate need of the animal welfare depertment, but i was delighted by the maintenance of the place. or maybe it was because i was part of a media group.

anyway, the thing that struck me as fascinating was that the owners actually name each and every single ostrich, chicken, duck and peacock on the farm. all 400+ of them. every baby bird is given a name, even if it is just a single syllable. very cool.

i learnt that baby ostriches are born stupid. i mean, really, the keepers have to actually isolate the chick into a pen which only has food and water, because if the don’t the baby birds would start eating stones and sand and stuff, choke and die. apparently, when the birds are born, they cannot differentiate food from other things and would swallow everything. they have to be kept in a pen just to learn what to eat. take about bird brains.

and finally, there is the desaru fireflies experience. no pictures here. the kahunas i went with were not able to snap anything with their monster slr cameras, so you can imagine the kind of blankness that appears on my compact nikon. zilch. nothing. just a black slate. not a speck at all.

and yes, there were fireflies. not loads of then, and not along the whole river bank, but there were. we found a bush with losts. they were tiny creatures and so tame, they’d fly into out boat! i wish i had a bottle or jar or something to take them back with e, but i heard they do rather poorly in captivity. then again, i’m not much of an insect person. figures.

the fireflies experience comes with a wonderful sunset experience and a glorious night boat ride under a sky full of stars. very cool. bring insect repellant for the mozzies. besides that, it is truly something you’d like your partner to experience together… the water gushing over the sides of the motor boat, the cool evening air blowing into your face, the sky full of stars.

so i’m a dripping romantic. got a problem?

desaru is a place to go if you’ve got a good group of friends to tag along with. period.


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