I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious. -Albert Einstein

this is what they use to pack fallen leaves in at the place i work.

work has been the very the a damn lot for the past few weeks. it is that time of the month when everything becomes crazy and the people in the office become just a tad more edgy that usual. including me. but i’m always edgy. more like disgustingly cynical. yea, i’m still in that phrase.

i got a really, really packed week next week also. advanced warning: anyone wants to give me a holler, please do so by this weekend, preferably on sunday, last call on monday. i can’t say if i’ll be able to meet up (i am that importantly busy), but do grace my blog with mentions that i am not forgoten or reminders that you are still alive.

yes, it does seem that my only life outside the office now seems to be this blog, kan?

when the hell am i going to graduate?!


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