If I ever get real rich, I hope I’m not real mean to poor people, like now. -Jack Handy Deep Thoughts

it was mid-morning and i was (1)so bored, and (2)was in one of those smart alec moods that seem to always get me into a lot of trouble, these days. i walked up to this stall and told the lady i had a headache (pining). she did not get it.

i pointed to the sign. she still did not get it.

i decided to restrategise.

i asked her straight up how does laksa pining differed from all the other laksas. i asked if there was some special ingredient or special way of cooking that would differ laksa pining from, say, laksa penang or laksa johor.

i asked that specifically… and i asked it in malay lagi… and she still did not get it.

all the while she had this clueless face on, possibly even a little pissed off that i was talking gibberish that she did not understand.

my friends and i gave up, sat down and ordered lunch.

my personal suspician is that the lady completely knew what was happening. she deserves an oscar. really.

damn, i’m so pining.


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