There in the middle of the people he stands, seeing, feeling. with just a wave of the strong right hand, he’s gone to the temple of the king. -rainbow

i realised that my car got broken into yesterday morning. the bastard broke the little back triangle window on the left side of the car, wound down the window, crawled in and stole my cd player, tool kit, first aid box, fire extinguisher and touch&go card.

but you know, what pissed me off the most, is that the thief took my whole collection of cds that i had in the glove compartment. does the bastard have any idea how long it took me to collect all those cds? do they even know the value of rock & roll? i mean, everything! there goes my bon jovis, meatloaf, eagle eye cherry, lifehouse, three doors down, tesla, uriah deep, rainbow, deep purple, eminem, our lady peace, scorpians, jim brickman, xtreme, pink, pearl jam, phantom of the opera, s.e.n.s. and my very, very precious evanescence ultra rare trax volume one!

… and for that, i am very, very pissed off.

you, my bastard thief, have no heart, man. very uncool.

anyone who wants to comfort me, can buy me a cd. talk about a superstitious friday the 13th! *sigh!*


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