A lot of beautiful people are stupid. There’s a tremendous amount of idiots who look so good. It’s frightening. -dean cain-

it makes me absofuckinglutely fuming mad whenever a person puts another person down. it really does not matter if one is a so-called superior and another is a subordinate, because those sort of ranks are only supposed to be valid within a professional capacity and outside, we are all humans as equal as any other.

and it really does not matter of one’s gender. i mean, seriously, if you are one of those people who still think that women should grovel at men’s feet and obey their every whimps and command, then i am sorry to say that you really should go and jump off the petronas towers. if you are the sort that cannot comprehend, despite the increasing literacy level and access to education in our country, the contribution and exceedingly important roles of women in today’s world, then please jump. and most of all, if the idea of a strong, independent woman is out of this world for you, i’ll push you off the tower myself.

as i have mentioned in my earlier posts, i am not a feminist. i don’t think men who are chauvinist are wrong, as long as they accept the idea that it really works both ways. women can be chauvanist also. in this respect, chauvinism is a state of self-respect, which i do not personally see as a bad thing at all. being proud to be a man or a woman is not a bad thing. what is wrong is putting the other gender down.

and then there is the case of old people expecting to be respected just because of their infinate wisdom of the ages. i naturally respect old people. not necessarily because i think they are wiser, but because they are… older. not that i think i am smarter than them or more experienced than them, but i assume that they have been through a lot more than me and naturally have been exposed to more of the world than i have.

what ticks me off is when old people start ordering me, or any young person about as if we don’t know anything at all. i am not saying that i am a saint or anything, but it seems to me that some (not all) old people behave worse than young people. they are arrogant and think they are a hell of a great and somehow expect us stupid young people to bow down to their every commands.

it is us young people who are trapped in a dilemma which is not our fault at all. on one hand, we are educated and taught to be respctful of old people and really, a lot of us are inclined to be just that. but on the other hand, so many old people treat us like we are criminals, calls us names and claim that we are a generation of disobediant social disorder.

again i repeat that i ain’t no saint. but i ain’t gonna take this standing thick faced anymore. anyone would think that old people (the some i am talking about) should know better. in a world that wants us to be more opinionated and outspoken, we are shot down everytime we make a comment simply on the grounds of age and experience. this is unfair. elders have always preached us to not be afraid to make mistakes, and when we do make a mistake, we are shot down yet again. on this point, i am not surprised that some young people are disrespectful of older people. not that i approve of such things, but i understand the frustration they experience. everyone has limits. so do i.

i got yelled at last weekend. it is an incident that i have not been able to bring myself to talk about, and still have no intention on elaborating the details on this blog. in summary, he put me down for something that was not my fault, but took it out on me anyway because i am a girl and because i am far younger than him. he called me names that were rude and unbecoming of a person who hardly knows me at all and hardly understand the context of the situation for that matter.

and i took it. i took every word he threw at me and every wave his finger points at me. i took it publically. i took it sitting helplessly on the floor and him standing two steps away from me. but most of all, i took it with everyone standing around, pretending nothing was happening, simply because he was a so-called superior, a so-called man, and a so-called older person. i took it and said nothing at all. and when it was over, i walked away without a word.

would society have accepted it if i stood up for myself? would society have seen me as a respectful person if i pointed out his mistake in front of others? and finally, how would society judge me for putting down and shutting up an enraged elderly man?

he was a man who expected to be given prime treatment because he was a superior in the organisation. not even my department, but he expected it anyway. and he was doing things which were less urgent than ours, but he expected priority anyway. and when it was a me who came to ask to use the equipment, i was yelled at.

but you see, having thought about it over the past week, i realised that it was not him that i should be disappointed with. it was the society that allowed such a thing to happen. it was the society which did not stand up to something which was wrong simply because of the norms of respect which favours the old man rather than the young girl.

hence are some of the glaring inequalities that exist in our so-called modern and educated society. don’t even get me started on race because i said a lot about that already in last merdeka’s entry (check archives). i know that things like respect for fellow people is the essence of morality and humanity, but deciding that some people society deserved more respect than others just because of status or birth is wrong.

if you say that respect is due to achievement, i applaud you. if you say that respect is due to philosophy, discovery, finding solutions… anything at all they have rightfully earned, i agree. but not because of creed. not for gender. not for age.


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