a cruel and unusual take on the case of the 18,000 unemployed graduates. pre-grads, read this, life’s tough.

i know that a lot has been said on how we can go about solving the solutions, so i am not going to write today about more solutions or the extend i think the numbers are true. i will only make this statement: as cruel as it sounds, i think some of the umemployed bums deserve it. i think some of them took it too easy at the universities and have sucky attitudes.

what i am going to address in this essay is what those who are still in universities can do so that they don’t come out and add to this statistic. i think that through all of what is going on, those who are still in universities were somewhat sidelined. as a working (well, most of the time) person, here’s my take on pre-emtive measures.

i fully agree that communication is a primary barrier but i can only half agree with the solution of giving more english and resume-writing classes to grads and pre-grads.

don’t get me the wrong way, some grads out there seriously have sucky english and should seriously do something about it. any student out there of any field who thinks that english is a colonial language should jump off the kl tower and i don’t mean base-jumping. to think that knowing the english language will turn you into an immoral slut and an unethical pig, is a primitive way of thinking. i know a hell lot of sluts and pigs that speak rotten english anyway, so language has nothing to do with it.

simply put, to be a slut or pig is all in your attitude, and it is a choice which people consciously take. so seriously, don’t give me that trash that the language or the media or the government or even pornography is to blame. lots of people experience the same exposure to modern elements and don’t turn out to be bastards. don’t blame the elements for being strong, blame the people for being weak. and really, if it is because of this weakness that you are out of a job, then it is your own bloody fault.

but remember, i said that language is only half the problem solved. what is more important is what is done in preparation for the working world while you’re still in school and university.

take this from a person who has been there, done that and burnt the t-shirt: networking is something (1) they don’t teach you (2) they won’t teach you (3) you can’t buy with money (4) you could buy with love (but only if you have the body).

networking, my friends, is something important no matter what field or industry you end up in. don’t give me that crap that only people in the pr line will need to know people in places. it is a damn small world out there and you are bound to bump into someone you know somewhere along the line of your work, no matter what it is. and when you bump into that person, you either have to work with that person or with someone who knows that person, so keep this in mind: people talk.

and most of the time, people talk baces on their previous experiences with you, no matter how pre-historic that experience may be, and no matter how far the truth of the experience is applicable at the present moment. what makes the whole thing more bitchy is that people like to colour their communication with add-ons, and there are a hell lotta bitches out there.

not that there is anything wrong with being a bitch. it is the bitching that you need to watch out for.

in other words, people can bitch and people will bitch. what is the lesson we learn from this, children? don’t piss people off, even while you are in university. that is exactly how far back hipocracy goes. don’t piss of friends, coursemates, lecturers, cousins or even the tea lady. i don’t care if you believe me now or not, but you are going to go out in the world and meet exactly the person you pissed off and you’re going to have to be all smiley-smiley and all with that person whether you like it or not.

regardless of what people say, the world is really about who you know, rather than what you know. your certificate/ diploma/ degree is simply a passport to get you an interview. not even a passport. more like a ticket. from there, you really are on your own and it is all about who you know and how you say it.

so no, your degree is really not enough. as long as you did not flunk too many courses, just a slightly better than average cert is good enough for an interview. what grads are seriously screwing up now is the whole interview and probation period.

don’t let me started on that myth that there are not enough jobs out there. there are plenty of jobs out there. the classifieds in the newspapers go on for pages and pages on vacant positions. if you are going to get picky, then you you only have yourself to blame. what, you think now that you have a degree you can now sit in a nice office and just sign cheques is it? pre-grads need to be prepared to rough it out for at least the first three years on employment. a good attitude and contacts will get you through just fine and your company will start noticing you as an asset in time.

yes, i know that there are lots of screwed up companies out there that just does not give a damn about your welfare, but if you are only going to apply for the brand names, you’re going to be out of a job for a very long time. office politics comes with the package. take it or leave it and breed at home.

as i have foretold, this is not some nice post about the dreams and possibilities about the big bad world out there. this post should not be taken as a slap in the face, but rather an ear piercing wake up call to people who are in colleges or universities because i don’t want you to be a statistic. you are still in a position to avoid being a bum now.

i’m saying language, attitude, networking and a good rapport with your friends and aquaintances. these things can’t wait till you graduate.


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