A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep. -saul bellow-

last night, i dreamt that i was wandering in a forest. i was holding a silver ball, the size of a basketball. i don’t quite know what it is. but i knew that it is precious to me. it’s surface was smooth with just the slightest glow. it was not heavy, but was a bulk i was proud to carry around.

the background changed as i wandered through the forest to the desert to the surface of the moon. i walked through cities and through fields. i remember climbing up mountains, getting lost in highway traffic and sitting on the mast of a ship travelling across oceans.

all the way, i carried the ball. people asked why i carried something which only weighed my travels. i cound not tell them what the ball did or what it is for because i did not know myself. thieves tried to steal the ball and i fought to get it back. i almost frowned for the ball but i always for it back. people looked at me everywhere i went but i did not care. it made me happy. that was all that matters.

and then the ball disintegrated. it grumbled into dust as i held it with both hands. the ball disintegrated into dust and the wind blew the particles away. and the all of a sudden all of everything i saw on the journey were laughing at me. they were pointing fingers and laughing at me. i cried and cried but they did not stop laughing.

and then they all disappeared. everything disappeared and everything faded to black. and then there was nothing left but me and the backness.


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