Beef, yes. Roast beef. It’s the Swedish term for “beef that has been roasted”. -count olaf-

sepet is the kind of movie that i immensely applaud for its optimism and its intelligent reference to reality. duh. i am living a sepet, and i think inter-racial relationships are just like any other relationships and they are all beautiful. i think that the message that yasmin ahmad wants to portray is not just an interesting one, but also an important one. race really is really a non-issue when human relationships are concerned.

it seems strange that humans are the only species in the world that discriminates and draws distinctions onto each other (aside from all that jazz that we are also the only species that kill each other for fun and have sex for pleasure). if we understand that our roots does not matter and that the important thing is that we are all here and this is now no matter how you got here, then we should als understand that we do have a choice: to see each others equals or to hold past grudges.

sepet is an important movie, in this sense. a scenario where everyone gets along ain’t that bad. really. i know.

russell and i walked in half way through lemony snicket’s a series of unfortunate events yesterday. the movie comes across to me smewhat like big fish. i like it, actually, although i would appreciate if someone would fill me in on what happened before the kids went to stay with uncle monty. something about a fire?

This is the story of the three Baudelaire children. Violet loved to invent; her brother, Klaus, loved to read; and their sister, Sunny… she loved to bite. My name is Lemony Snicket and it is my duty to tell you their tale. No one knows the precise cause of the Baudelaire fire, but just like that, the Baudelaire children became the Baudelaire orphans.

i like these sorta movies although i have never read the book. i lik the language used and the dark humour. very cool. but hey, this is just me and i only saw half the movie.


One thought on “Beef, yes. Roast beef. It’s the Swedish term for “beef that has been roasted”. -count olaf-

  1. Race is a huge issue. For humans, though… not so much. There are not multiple races of humans like there used to be. (Not that we know of, anyway.)

    Ethnicity is another story entirely.

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