“hello, my freaky darlings!” -‘mister skinner’ from the league of extraordinary gentlemen-

this is the basin platform drain from the water cooler at my faculty. see the little fishies? yea, my campus has always been known to run against the crowd where the weirdness scale is concerned. i mean, what other campus has a morgue and three graveyards on thir grounds? and yes, its ot one, but three!

so taking a step or two back, fishies carved on the drain of a water cooler ain’t so bad after all. it’s actually quite cheerie. apart from the fact that the cooler is placed at a dingy corner of the department. and nevermind that the water that seeps out from it takes forever to fill the tumbler…

hm… maybe that’s why the fishies are there.

a lesson that we stop a minute to take a look around instead of rushing through life, we’d actually notice some beautiful scenes along the way.

ah… now i get it.

wynn dear, i know i get crazy sometimes, but you know i love you:)


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