arthur blinked at the screens and felt he was missing something important. Suddenly he realized what it was. “is there any tea on this spaceship?”

i have been slapped this task of writing this paper on models presented by fishman, hymes and bell by next tuesday. the paper is supposed to be on the decisions people make when determining what language to communicate in.

yes, the brief discussion on the topic was interesting. people, especially bilinguals and other multilinguals choose who in what situation to use what language. there there is the form of the language, whether formal or informal, official or bahasa pasar. the whole phenomena gets even more interesting when you consider code-switching [switching from one language to another] and code-mixing [mixing two or more language together] and the scenarios these occur.

things like this, not many average malaysians thinks about, or rather, it is so unconscious, that the language choice itself just appears to flow as we think. so much so that at times, we just start speaking, and only after the speech is completed that we actually reflect on what we really said, and how we said it.

that, my friends, is exactly what i’m trying to analyse. i’m trying to put together a theory on how the brain or mind [whichever] atomatically assumes responsibility over what words to use to express thoughts that appear just as quickly in the brain or mind [whichever] without consciously consulting the actual speaker.

ever get that moment that you just said something and then you realised that it came out the wrong way? a lot of times, people just tell you that you should think before you speak, but ever wonder why it just never happens anyway? that thought automatically gets transformed into language which just pours out of people’s mouths like a burst dam?

yea, it’s going to be an interesting paper.


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