I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time. -charlie brown-

earthquake and tsunami tidal death toll has hit 23,000 people. hundreds and thousands more are missing and displaced. its really sad. it is events like these that makes me want to sign up as a relief/social volunteer. and i would… if i did not have all these commitments and responsibilities…

one of editors is becoming a serious pain in the ass. for the benefit of my dear readers, i’m going to refer to her as mimi, after that irritating bitch in the drew carey show. why? because she’s practically like that. i’ve mentioned before that she’s unbelievably perky early in the mornings [someone’s so not getting any at nights]. and she practically feeds on my misery. i’m getting work at inhumane proportions which is well beyond what other writers are getting. this morning, she left more work on my desk.

bitch, i’ve not even finished with the thing you gave me three tasks ago. do you know what that means? it means that i have three more things to start at before the end of this week.

it’s not that i’m not working hard. i’m slaving my ass in this office just as long as everyone else.

you know why she’s heaping it all on me? because everyone else who’s evidently more senior than me have told her off their case. of course, they’ve been here months longer than i have, so it makes telling off much easier. i’m just into my fourth week here so i still need to shut up about things like this.

the photographers, giant [because of his size] and nobita [also size, but he and giant are good buds in this blog] told me that mimi’s delusional. it’s this whole power craze thing that has totally gotten to her and that she finds none more fulfilling pleasure than making other people’s lives waking nightmares.

i know, i know. there’s one in every office. but being the designated punching bag sucks. it’s like raging turned abuse and it bites.

i actually like my job: the bits where i’m actually assigned to do what i was hired for. but other than that, i feel like totally bringing this woman down. unfortunately, my demolition buddies, sue and vee are not here, or else we’d so get this party started.



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