I’m your wife! I’m the greatest good you’re ever going to get!

the incredibles is again, one of those movies that just got too overly hyped out about. it is a good movie. it’s a pixar, duh! it has a nice plot and all, but not something i would actually be shouting about.

granted, this is not one of those movies that gets predictable half way through the storyline. the animation flow is good and the character movements are almost flawless.

of course, you are constantly reminded that it is a cartoon. the characters look remotely human. i know they are superheroes and all, but aren’t they suppose to look human? i mean, elastigirl and violet look like stick insects. bob and dash and buddy have massively defined chins.

the only character which resembles anything near human was edna [fashioned after edith head]. this woman is hilarious. reminds me of sanjeev’s grandma in the kumars at no.42.

i particularly enjoyed the morbid jokes that appeared in the movie. not that there were many. i just felt that the scenes portraying a super talented person in a mediocre world should have been more… focused on, you know?

the hype is about this movie not being very suitable for a kid’s comprehension. i agree that some parts of the movie uses adult discourse and may be a bit too canggih for kids. but personally, the movie is not that advanced. if you got a good hold of the english language, the movie should be nicely entertaining.

overall, okay, watch the movie. even if the see what the hype is all about. at least it is something somewhat original.


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