I sound like Barry White’s illegitimate, white grandson! -Washburn after he inhaled nitrous oxide-

by a freak accident, wynn and i ended up wandering into a cinema just in time to watch taxi, starring queen latifah and jimmy fallon.

here’s what i have to say about the movie, it is a good laugh, tho, the cliche kinda sorta. you get the drift. the jokes and one liners are really nothing new. the scenario is not that original and the attempts to make the movie in any way catch is sorely remote. but its a good laugh anyway.

why? because. just because. because although the script was lame and the plot was just sad, queen latifah delivered a mostly brilliant performance and jimmy fallon was a prefect loser character, intentionally or unintentionally.

for one thing, a least, this sorta movie is a break from all the freakish scary movies on an evident rampage these past few weeks. here’s a quickie: belle (latifah) is a street powered taxicab driver. she gets tangled up with washburn (fallon), a loser police officer on the trail of a group of busty and leggy brazillian bank robbers.

everything else is predictable. well, somewhat almost.

oh well, movies, to me, is like mostly everything else. like food or a good rainy day, the experience is only as good as its company.

and i had wonderful company. wynn goes back to his hometown for the long weekend so we went out to town for a bit of quality time together. how we ended up in that movie is still quite vague to me but it was quality time nonetheless.

he escorted me on what is beginning to feel like our annual raya shopping gig. this year, my kebaya is white-ish, pinkish and peach-ish. i tried hard to find something i might possibly wear at times other than raya also… which is not exactly desireable to begin with. i have actually taken great pains in securing a job that takes me as far away as possible from the office and much further away, the need to wear a baju kuring / kebaya… whatever yang sewaktu dengannya…

which reminds me… i’m going to go look for earings tomorrow…

oh, i just found out today that i’m 12cm taller than i was five years ago.

i went to renew my passport today. i went there at 2pm. bought my forms, took my photos and got my number by 3pm.

there were 200 over numbers ahead of me.

so i waited. i almost finished reading the restaurant at the end of the universe during the wait. why does it seem that the only time i get to read this book is when i’m stuck waiting helplessly for something?

anyway, my number gets called hours later at 6pm and i complete the whole transaction by 6.40pm. just in thime for iftar.

passport will be ready next wednesday. woohoo!


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