‘This must be Thursday,’ said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer, ‘I never could get the hang of Thursdays’

ya, it must be something about thursday. it is raining outside and i am ranty inside…

i was at the workshop yeaterday with two primary objectives, (1) my car is due for its 127,200km [just don’t ask me about the odd figures] servicing and (2) i needed to get my alignment fixed. now, i called in the morning to enquire if there were many people at the workshop and they said today kurang kereta and that my car could be done that morning itself. when i got to the workshop, i asked them again if things would take very long and again, the dude at the counter assured me that it would be done in 2 hours flat.

please note at this point that this is not some ah chong or ah seng workshop. i’ve been bringing the same car to the same certified eon workshop for the past six years.

i took my car in at 9.10am and decided to wait for the car at the shop itself. by 11.30am, no one has come to call me yet. when i went to check on the car, i found that they have taken all the tyres off and were doing what looked like sandpapering the brake disks. fine.

12noon came and still no one has called me. in the three hours i’ve been waiting for the car, i managed to finish reading the hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy and a coupla chapters into the restaurant at the end of the universe.

1pm came and the car still was still cranked up. when i went to enquire at the counter, the guy said that because it is a tiara, it is actually a bit difficult to predict how long the servicing and aligning would take.

wtf? you said that it would be 2 hours!!! he replied that he tells everyone that the servicing of their cars would take 2 hours.

do i look like i care what he tells other people? you told me it was 2 hours [you sick jerk]. do you have any idea how many appointments i have missed this morning alone [dumb ass]? and now you tell me that it could take anytime between this afternoon and evening to get the job done? do i look like i got all day [you dumb fuck]? it is a bloody weekday and i got to go a life to sustain too, you know?!

lesson 1. if you don’t know when the car can be done, then say that you don’t know when the job can be completed. jerk!

and he gives me that stupid look.

2pm. the mechanics realised that they could not take one of the bolt out. they took out the hammer. that was when hell broke loose.

listen here. if you cannot do the job, then fucking say so instead of talking out half the car engine to hammer a bloody screw out! i had the car aligned just a few months ago and that stupid screw came out just fine, so don’t even start on the that-screw-is-rusted-in story.

lesson 2. if you don’t know how to do something, don’t do it. don’t try to be all smart all of a sudden. if you can’t do it, i know other people who can.

but that is not how the story ends, my dear friends. the time was by the close to 2.30pm and the self-proclaimed tauke i.e. the counter guy starts arguing with me about how impatient i am. excuse me, how impatient i am? my car was suppose to be done in 2 hours and i’ve been here for well over 5 hours already, and you are trying to hammer bits off my car!

and he keeps going on and on about how difficult it is to estimate exactly when the car can be done and how unreasonable i was in expecting it in 2 hours to the minute. halo? when you say 2 hours, i might still shut up at the 3rd hour. at the 4th hour, i have the right to question your time management skills. but when you are stretching it to 5 hours and possibly more, i think i am more that justified to get totally pissed.

in conclusion, i forbade them from hammering my car. just put everything back and just charge me for what you have done. heck, i should totally have gotten a discount to compensate my wasted time spent here.

he hands me the bill and i paid him. he never apologised. i’m pretty sure he was pissed to some degree because the argument about time and the hammer was quite public. he never looked at me and i just walked off.

lesson 3. dude, customer service is important and grapevines can make you or break you.

i did say i finished douglas adam’s h2g2 in one sitting yesterday? the storyline actually reminds me of something out of star wars.

i found the book intellectual and contemplative, but in an unfulfiling sorta way. like having some uniquely good coffee, but too watered down. i liked the ideas and concepts presented, but it left me longing for more and it never came. i was especially dumbfounded by the ending. like what???

i was rather fond of marvin tho.

a quick internet search reveals that a h2g2 movie starring martin freeman as arthur dent and sam rockwell as zaphod beeblebrox is currently in its post-production stages and due out in 2005.

i hope to finish the 2nd book tonight and hopefully get what the whole 42 thing is about. if you have read it, don’t you dare tell me.

the debate marathon is this weekend. i’m probably just going to make a cameo because i’ve got an insane weekend coming up with a gig or two in between. we’ll see.


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