Take care to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get. -George Bernard Shaw-

the rain yesterday evening was insane. i clutched my unbrella until klcc and decided to wait there until the rain slowed down a bit before making for the car.

so i thought that since i was there, i might browse around for a baju raya. more like window shop. you get what i mean.

now, the thing about me and traditional clothes is that i never ever wear them except during that one time of the year where it seems almost mandatory at least for the first day of celebrations. like a uniform sorta. i have always and always tried my hardest of getting myself out of occasions where i absolutly must wear baju kurungs or i would always try to compromise my way to wear pants or skirts instead. i don’t know. baju kurungs have always been so mah fan. i find them restricting [hence the name baju kurung] and i always manage to end up an item of ridicule because i simply don’t have that sorta understanding with my baju kurungs.

or maybe it is because i never really had any baju kurungs i really liked enough to behave in.

anyway, i skimmed through parkson, aseana and isetan yesterday. it’s not that i am a very posh person. i admit i like posh things. but i also know myself well enough to know that i am can’t handle poshy things. i’m too destructive in that sense.

but i thought that since i’m earning a bit more now, that i could afford to at least look through nice things, right?

i’m still hyperventilating from the price tags i saw yesterday.

on average, a nice kebaya top is rm430! and this number hardly had any embroidery or beads or lacy stuff or anything. it simply had a nice cut to it. and if that was the price of the top, simple logic would point to suggest that the sarung would cost less, right? dead wrong. the sarung [sold separately] was well over rm800 and this was just your average wrap around number.

it was unbelievable. i dare not imagine what all the datin numbers would cost and the above never included accessories and slippers and all yet. i might not the a clothes addict, but i am an accessories compulsive. i don’t know what i developed such compulsions, but i realised that i do have the tendencies and it is festive season is killing me.

maybe i’m just looking at the wrong place. maybe klcc is meant for poshy people. then what about the rest of us? do i have to be reduced to a kamdar or carrefour baju kurung [again]?

lets not even start on tailors. for some reason, i’m just not comfortable with people measuring my ass and other body parts.

it is two weeks to raya and i have to baju raya.

i’m seriously considering a deepa-raya thing. i’m thinking of getting one of those cotton punjabi suit tops and a simple wrap skirt. at least i’ll be able to use the clothes in other occasions also. and then i’m thinking of strings of wooden beads. hm.

heck, the word bohemian gypsy is playing in my head now.


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