there was this guy who made his wife so mad one night that she cut off his weinner and when he finally came to he found mr happy was missing…

i have been spending the day compiling my thesis proposal. i’m so doomed. it’s three days to the due date and i’m only up to eight pages.

i’m a bit afraid of the research i am getting myself into. hm… maybe afraid is a bit too strong la… it is not that i am scared of the project… more that i am dreading the whole process. i keep thinking of all the time it will consume, recording and transcribing and counting and all… and whether or not i would be able to focus on work and school at the same time. already i am finding it majorly difficult to go for classes and write papers and study for exams [notice that all my papers are done last minute]. okay, my coursework component is completed already. all i have now is the proposal. if all goes well, i’ll be able to start recording by january.

but then my new job promises loads of traveling [such is the life of a travel writer… duh!]. i love traveling. but i am afraid it will make me neglect school. argh.

someone pull me back into the present please…

anyway, last week, i received an appointment letter to be a secretariat member of the fourth malaysia international conference on languages, literatures and cultures [micollac4]. in the past, i was a student volunteer in the micollac2 and i was a participant in the micollac3. i have plans to actually present a paper in the micollac4.

so i’m toying with the idea to accept or not this appointment. on the plus side, i get to establish some very good ties with the lecturers and the big guns in cultural and anthropological studies. i would get free entrance into micollac, the hotel and all. the down side is, got work, no pay.

so i am weighing the costs and benefits of being a part of the secretariat. being a volunteer in micollac2 was tremendously rewarding, tho humungously tiring. but it was fun. participants usually only speak to panel speakers during the conference but committee members get to chat with them in lounges and cafes and all. i strongly feel that getting their insight on the very delicate issue i am researching on would be valuable in lengths.

so anyway, i think what i’m going to do is just contribute what i can for now. i have informed the faculty that i am working full time at the same time and they say that i should just do what i can. what’s the worse they would do if i slack off? probably fire me from the secretariat… which does not impede my ambitions to present my paper at the conference, but perhaps does compromise my getting insights from some very busy foreign linguists.

noam chomsky is on the invite list. if he comes, he’ll probably get keynote. he’s legendary, but he’s also a million years old [sorry noam!].

decisions… decisions…

this is a weird song that just came on my yahoo launch video player. it is sung to the tune of the song mmm mmm mmm mmm by the crash test dummies.

Headline News -weird al yankovic-

Once, there was this kid who
Took a trip to Singapore
and brought along his spray paint
And when he finally came back
He had cane marks all over his bottom
He said that it was from when
The warden whacked it so hard

Mmm mmm mmm mmm,
mmm mmm mmm mmm

[whip sound] Ahh

Once there was this girl who
Swore that one day she would be
a figure skating champion
And when she finally made it
She saw some other girl who was better
And so she hired some guy to
Club her in the kneecap

Mmm mmm mmm mmm,
mmm mmm mmm mmm

[thwack sound] Ahh

They got paid for their sound bites
And sold their TV movie rights

And then, there was this guy who
Made his wife so mad one night
that she cut off his weinner
And when he finally came to
He found that Mr. Happy was missing
He couldn’t quite explain it
It’d always just been there

Mmm mmm mmm mmm,
mmm mmm mmm mmm


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