The servants of the Infinitely Compassionate are those who walk on the earth in humility & when the ignorant accost them,they only reply “Peace”.25:65

my brother and sister and i watched star trek nemasis [the one with preator shinzon] on astro last friday. i’m proudly a star trek junkie [fact: did you know that star trek fans do not like to be called trekkies? we prefer trekkers, thank you very much]. specifically, i follow captain picard’s ship, although i am do like captain archer’s ship. captain kirk’s ship is a classic [only because mr spock, bones and scotty are on it… beam me up scotty!…], but captain janeway and captain sisko just loses me. somehow, lost ship and space station does not really pack it in for me.

we moved house last weekend. we are no longer staying in ss18.

please note the use of the plural term. the singular form is still uncertain.

saturday saw us wrapping everything with newspapers and packing them into boxes. but that was the easy part. sunday was when things got ugly.

you see, the folks thought that one small lorry would do. i mean, ther is only the fridge, washing machine, sofa set, one king sized bed, three single beds, wardrobes, cabinets, bookshelves, piano… what were they thinking? that lorry ended up making three trips before quiting out on us. fortunately, several of our tennis friends were there to help us out with the hauling and carrying.

did you know that that standard sized piano took eight guys to carry? and this is not even the grand orchestra piano. let us draw a comparison with a slightly more embarrasing situation: remember when my car crashed in uitm? [to all you who were there, you can stop laughing now]. anyway, it took eight guys to heave the car out of the drain [i said, stop laughing already]. logical conclusion that can be drawn, that a piano kinda weighs as much as a tiara. either that, of i’m driving the weight of a piano. how disturbing.

back to moving day, it took us six hours of loading and unloading to complete the bulk of the moving process. me and my brother and our friends spent the time between the lorry trips driving carloads of boxes from one house to another. it was insane.

what struck me as somewhat unreasonable [though i did not say it out] was the idea that we moved into a house that was still heavily under renovation. the kitchen was still being made up, it has no floor. the plumbing and the wiring and the phone lines were still being fixed. half the grills have yet been fastened. half the fans don’t work. half the sockets have not bulbs… you get my drift. and to top things off, the workmen were still there drilling and painting and all and the place was just filled with dust.

but my folks wanted to move in before my sister started her spm so things won’t be too hastle for her. i admit that she has a damn lot of things. my stuff at home fit into one tv box. my brother’s stuff fit in three. my parents had two boxes each. my dear sister had twenty. two zero. dua puluh.

so one fine weekend we just got up and moved. yes, it was insanely tiring and tempers did fly. dad, not very used to having things done someone elses’ way, but too polite to argue with strangers [our friends] sulked most of the time [because he knows that we totally need their help and we can’t possible do all the moving by ourselves]. mom was navigating things from the old house and i became the mobile coordinator, making sure stuff from the old house reached the new house, coordinating traffic flow [since the new house stood at a bloody narrow dead end] and making sure the stuff that went into the new house got into the right rooms.

at the end of the day, everyone was seriously too pooped to party. so now we live in ss14… that’s right, trapped in traffic jam central of subang jaya. i’m thinking house warming after raya, no?:)

on the side note, i forwarded my resignation at this company yesterday. it was not pretty. i’ll write more about my new job when things are settled properly. things are too intense for elaborate accurately at the moment.

Josaiah! congrats for making it to the top 16 of the nescafe kick start competition! will be rooting for ya!

oh! and i have my mmu worlds button up [see bar on left]. get yours here!

to the worlds!


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