and being apart ain’t easy on this love affair. two strangers learn to fall in love again. i get the joy of rediscovering you..


i realise that i’ve never really written anything about fasting this year. i think it is because i don’t feel much of a difference from any other normal working days anyway. maybe it is because of my eating disorder i.e. irregular eating hours making an appearance in my life since early last month. if you must know, i have stopped taking lunch since august. instead, i have taken junk throughout the day. then last month i got muak of most junk food and confectionary variations (yes, it is sadly possible) and just went through the day on water. so all i have to do now is remove the water element and i’m pretty much normal.

or maybe it is the job change. fasting as a lecturer left me with a dry mouth most of the day, not to mention the student stunts i have to live through resulting in much unnecessary stress. fasting as a writer cum copywriter who works in an air cond office in front of a pc the whole day definately conserves a lot of energy… to an extend of which it makes me restless, but hey, i’m not tired la. the only stress i get comes from traffic, which is still insane in downtown kl.

or maybe, we could even say that it is the weather. ramadhan is during the rainy season this year. hm. i’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

whatever. point is, fasting this year is a breeze.

have anyone heard the fabulous k.p.c. on the segment goes on air every weekday at 7.30pm and goes on for about 30 seconds. it’s hilarious. maybe even more entertaining than the governator. it is certainly a good listen-to if you are driving home at that hour. like me:(

speaking of fasting and driving, i will be breaking fast in the car four days a week. i get off work at 6.30pm and i arrive home at 8pm. not a problem, really. getting home late after everyone else has already eaten gives me t.v. remote control rights when i start eating. he he…

ahh… fasting or not, life goes on, rite?;)


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