Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. -winston churchill

what the f have they done to the roads in subang jaya???! as if the current congestion at the two roundabouts are not bad enough, now they have closed half the roundabout exits and turned the rest of the exits into u-turns until when? until frigging 2006!

until 6th april 2006, specifically. bloody hell, that’s two years away! imagine this ok… now, if you are from ss17, ss18 or ss19 and you want to get to summit usj, you’ll need to get up that ramp over to sunway, make a u-turn and make your way back to the kewajipan roundabout.

if you are from ss14 and you want to get to sjmc, your best bet would be making the huge round through subang parade after making a u-turn at ss18. if you want to make your way back from sjmc to ss14, you’ll either need to make a u-turn in from of summit usj or take the federal highway subang exit and go through the ss18 inner roads.

ss15 is officially a mess. sunway is clogged up. the ss14 residents whom are ultimately victimized because getting anywhere in or out of ss14 requires at least one u-turn obstacle. albeit worrying because ss14 is where the schools are.

so now, in order to get to the kesas highway, i have to take the ss19 back road over to usj and crawl with the rest of the planet over to the summit exit.

screw you, roadworks developer! and screw you town management / planning council! i really wonder what is going through your heads lar? we are just barely… and let me repreat that… barely recovering from the construction of the subang-sunway ramp. and lets not even start on the reliability of the summit traffic lights or the logic of that giant metal bird at the ss13 corner.

this is your traffic info brought to you by the clutch wrecking subang bitch. grrr…


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