I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker, and I have seen the Eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker, and in short, I was afraid. -t.s.eliot-

I was at the Malaysian Idol finals at the Genting Arena of Stars last weekend! Did anyone see me on the telly? I was one of those groupies waving the orange paper hands and yelling for kingdom come. Just for the heck of it. Some folks back on campus got tickets that very afternoon. Apa lagi? I grabbed my boyfriend and hopped into the car pool.

What can I say about the finale? Dina was a wreck and I personally empathize with her. I mean, it must be insanely nerve wrecking to perform for the first time in front of a crowd of a screaming 6,000. Jac has done this before with a smaller mob so she was substantially more collected than the other girl.

But experience, or the lack of it, is not exactly one of those things that people in these sort of competitions are judged for, kan? Like a debate finals, it is not about how many championships you have won or how many above 80 speeches you have delivered before this. It is about your performance on the night of the competition itself and this is the very case for the Malaysian Idol Finale.

As Paul Moss puts it, it is about which girl controls her nerves better. To have made it this far, we know that both girls can sing. Now, faced against a crowd of insane groupies, it is the girl who dares to step into the light first who will win the votes of the people.

I actually stood on ovation at the end of Jac’s rendition of the song Gemilang. It was that phenomenal. I hear that it just sounded so-so in TV. But in that hall itself, the effect was spectacular. Seriously.

Oh, and with the exception of Jac’s third dress on the finale night, who else thinks that both jac and dina need serious fashion consultation? heck, we should throw fauziah latif on that wagon also. i was actually there and i still can’t make out what she was wearing. the only nice outfit that night was aleya’s. and paul’s. heheh…


In the last 72 hours, I have journeyed from the delusional to the euphorical, the sensational and back again. In those 72 hours, I have delved into one of the most important life lessons I will ever learn: that all that jazz about always needing to plan things ahead of time are mostly bollocks.

Granted, what they say about failing to plan is planning to fail is a very serious concept in time management. But what this proverb has failed to accommodate are the improvisions that need to be made sometimes, as well as the excitement of compulsive decisions.

Life is fashioned in such a way that surprises have this thing about just popping up in the middle of nowhere, for better or for worse. I learnt that life is much richer when moments are spent for the present as is happens, and not exhausted in an endless scheduling of the future.


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