God gave men brains larger than dogs’ so they wouldn’t hump women’s legs at cocktail parties. -Kate Libby (hackers)-

an interesting encounter this morning: i was looking at some postcards at this florist at klcc this morning. a chap and the salesgirl were locked in a linguistic argument. the guy kept repeating “the flower itself is a toy” and the girl kept repeating what she thought the guy was trying to say. the girl, obviously lacking in language proficiency mistook ‘flower’ and ‘toy’ as two separate items and kept suggesting combos of flowers and toys. the guy, clearly frustrated kept on repeating the same lines over and over again. he made hand gestures trying to sign flower-toy, tho i think his gestures only made the situation worse.

what is interesting about the whole situation is that the guy in this picture is actually not a foreigner. this is a malaysian talking to a fellow malaysian. one, not having a very good grasp of the english language. the other, insisting to be understood in the english language. i mean, the guy could easily use bm and get over with the whole ordeal. but nooo… english it is. i could see that his english was also rather limited, because he did not try to paraphrase his meaning, although one could argue that this could be deliberate in which case, i stand to be corrected. maybe he is actually having fun with the whole situation. either way, i find his refusal to relent fascinating.

the argument was evidently very frustrating for the salesgirl. i almost stepped in to mediate the situation, but i was interested in observing how the whole scene would play out in the end. eventually, the clockworks finally clicked in the girl’s head and she got the idea. this is, of course, after a whole list of possible meanings have been crossed out by the guy. ironically, after such a heated enquiry into the item, the item was out of stock and the guy went off on his way.

staying on to eavesdrop on the aftermath, i heard the girl bitching (in malay) to her other friend about the guy. typical.

Nicholas Devereaux : Tell me one of your desires.
Mia Thermopolis : Tell me a secret.
Nicholas Devereaux : Isn’t that the same thing?
Mia Thermopolis : Everyone knows your desires. No one knows whats inside your heart.

i got to catch the princess diaries 2: royal engagement starring anne hathaway and julie andrews. this is one of those movies where the sequal is actually more mindless, but by lengths more entertaining that the first movie. the sequal does not exactly take off from where the first movie left off, but is actually is a whole movie on its own. this is evident because the directors take the trouble to re-tell the first movie in the begining scenes.

*spoiler alert*… well, not exactly a spoiler, because the movie is soooooo predictable anyway. i personally thought that mia should have stuck to that andrew guy instead of nick. this is exactly the compulsive thing that would make the whole show another brainless la-la-la affair. i mean, what’s wrong with andrew??? he’s understanding, he’s supporting (and i mean really supportive) and he’s actually quite sporting also. aiyoh, teenagers nowadays ah…

a big plus point for the movie is the soundtrack featuring kelly clarkson and raven symorne (bleahh…) and julie andrews! that’s right… the woman who sang for sound of music and mary poppins is singing again! considering that she had some throat surgery a coupla years back (that’s why she stopped singing for awhile), she’s spanking in this movie! and oh! the british accents! *sigh!* i’m such a sucker for foreign accents…

“This is our world now. The world of the electron and the switch; the beauty of the baud. We exist without nationality, skin color, or religious bias. You wage wars, murder, cheat, lie to us and try to make us believe it’s for our own good, yet we’re the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop me, but you can’t stop us all.”
-The Hacker’s Manifesto-

last night, i saw hackers. yea, so i know it is a 1995 movie, but to tell you the truth, i’ve never really caught the whole movie at one go before. i’ve seen parts and i sorta know the story, but seeing the whole thing at one shot is a whole nother experience. some interesting trivia on the movie, click here. especially interesting for computer geeks.

being recquinted with crash override/zero cool, acid burn, joey, cereal killer, phantom phreak, lord nikon and the plague actually brought me back to the days when we were all computer junkies with nicknames instead of real names. we created and joined computer clans and clans did battles and the computer lingo was terrible and terribly out of control. virus wars happened tho, not as vicious as the one in the movie. i admit, that i was swept in that phrase for awhile but because my internet quota at home was rather limited, i did not do battles. a shame, really because that meant i never really learnt the computer underworld making me just your average computer addict. i joined clans with hardcore junkies tho. but have since graduated from such a phrase.

real life calls.


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