People who don’t think probably don’t have brains; rather, they have grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake. -eeyore-

it rained like crazy yesterday evening. there was thunder and lightning and all. by 6.30pm, the downpour was just massive.

i needed to get to class. i had an assignment to hand in. and this area of kl is not exactly the most comfortable place to chill out after office hours – too many weird people.

so i did it.

i ran for it.

well, not exactly run la, because my car is a good 15 minutes away plus, half of the roads are flooded and have turned into giant urban rivers of death. i more like hopped around, trying very, very hard, but failed to get my shoes soaked.

as i walked, i thought. well, it was a long walk. and i could not see much because i don’t have screen wipers on my glasses. and it was dark and cold and rainy and all, so my mind just lost it.

i asked myself, why the hell am i doing this? why, in heaven’s name, did i choose to dare the storm, instead of waiting for the rain to stop? surely shameem would understand that i did not have an umbrella? surely an hour late for class was better then not attending the lecture at all? surely i could hand in the assignment a day late?

but as i slushed across the klcc park, i wondered seriously if daring the shivering rain was a mistake. maybe i should just double back and wait in klcc until the rain got a little lighter? but i kept on walking. not that i was enjoying the experience at all. but i realized that i never regreted attempting such a feat. and then i realized that i was completely insane. no normal person in their right state of mind would walk in a storm if they did not have to. deductively, i must not be in a very correct state of mind?

then i thought back to all of the things i’ve done that never quite aligned itself to the norm of the society. i know i’m not much of a thrill person. but i’m not very tuned in to the rest of society either. i realize that i have been handed the role of outcast freak before. but now, i choose to live the role of the solitude freak.

but i am not crazy. i am not stupid. i am not dillusionally insane. i’m completely aware and i’m completely in control over what i’m doing. then why did i do it? because i want to. why would you want to walk through a storm? because no one else would. that is it. i did it because i am not the same as other people. if other people won’t walk through the rain, then that is exactly what i wanted to do.

by the time i reached my car, i was completely drenched. my hair, my clothes, my shoes, everything. but i felt somehow incredibly enlightened.


last night, we had a guest lecture by visiting professor rodolfo jacobson. the dude is 86 year old! he’s thin and shrivelled. he speaks slowly but when he speaks, there’s a passionate gusto in his voice. i found out that he does push ups every morning and he is able to speak seven languages without any problems. his area of speciality was codeswitching and codemixing and he can elaborate findings of the years of his past research off the top of his head. impressive!

this morning, i asked my mom for the biggest umbrella she has: this massive blue aam number. i swear i almost yanked someone with it on the way to work this morning. haha!


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